Sunday, March 29, 2009


My goodness, how time flies when:

1. You're having fun.
2. You're trying to take in every last bit of a place you can before you leave.
3. You are writing papers and reading books as if doom were impending and the only way to stop it is to get a high enough word count. (Nerd computer game, anyone?) 

Anyways, as I am writing this I currently have two word documents open. One with a copious amount of notes, and one with a slightly less copious essay. I do believe I am close to my life-long goal of mastering the art of procrastination. If I play my cards right, I might just live forever, since I'll just put off dying. But that is besides the point. Actually, that is the whole point. 

I was planning on waxing eloquent on how these are my last three weeks here. About how my days are filled with the last and singular lecture series, complemented by a field trip every week and how tonight I had an awesome girl's night out at a fancy restaurant. But really, I just wanted a break from a paper I have no desire to write. 

So I am sorry to disappoint with a sketchy and ultimately unfulfilling blog, but my life right now consists of two dirty coffee mugs, an empty bowl of cereal, a backpack full of books and an encroaching deadline. 

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alyssa said...

I sympathize fully with this post :)