Saturday, February 7, 2009

White Procrastination

Well, it's Saturday of 3rd week and I'm sitting in the library. My academics are a lot more rigorous this term, so I actually am trying to get into a good time-management scheme. Obviously I'm failing, since I am updating this instead of taking notes. 
For the past few days Oxford has been covered in a beautiful blanket of white. It falls anew each day, except today, when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. It's amazing seeing so much snow- we got 5 inches the other night- but because of the walking nature of the city, it causes more problems than the experience makes up for. I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday because none of the ones I previously owned were remotely water-proof enough to walk through slush for 45 minutes. However, it was a great excuse for me to stay in on Thursday, drinking coffee and reading. 
Valentine's Day is next week, as I'm sure all of you are aware, and I am helping plan a great party for all the students. We're going to have an 80's Dance Party on Friday night, complete with terrible outfits, bad movies and sickly love ballads. I'm already planning out my costume; hopefully there will be some great pictures to put up next week. 
Other than that it is mostly work, work, work. Occasionally, and perhaps a little too often, I take a break to watch a movie or learn how to play guitar, or cook amazing meals with 5 of my housemates. 
Getting used to the Vines is taking time, but I think I am finally settling in. However, I spend a lot of time at Crick, where the atmosphere is just more homey. Speaking of which, I think I might pack up and head on over there right now. I can always study later...

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Carl said...

Hey, Lizzie,

Carl Nellis here.
I'd e-mailed a few people last semester about writing from Oxford for the Vox Populi. I don't know if you ever caught wind of that.
At this point I've come upon the idea of publishing blog excerpts in the journal for the campus. Would you consider allowing us to occasionally grab a paragraph or two and publish it?

If so, shoot me an e-mail.